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Progressive for Congress from New Mexico


“From ProgressNow to the City Council, I'm not just talking about a New Mexican future built on progressive values, I'm already building it.Donald Trump says America is better because corporations are making record profits and his Mar a Lago buddies are doing better than ever. I'm headed to Washington to fight for us.




Equality & Civil Rights
“It takes no compromise to give people their rights…it takes no money to respect the individual. It takes no political deal to give people freedom. It takes no survey to remove repression.”  Harvey Milk

My Commitment:

  • Become an original co-sponsor of the Equality Act, which would ban discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity, and sex in areas such as employment, housing, public accommodations, and public education
  • Join the LGBT Equality Caucus – we currently have just 7 members, but 2 are leaving. Pat would add to our ranks –  and be a national leader on issues affecting the LGBT community
  • Stand against racial gerrymandering when minority communities are robbed of their opportunity to have representation in government
  • Pursue policies that protect the civil rights of historically disenfranchised communities, including the sacred right to vote

As a lifelong champion for civil rights and a proud member of New Mexico’s LGBT community, I believe actions speak louder than words when it comes to defending equality.

President Trump’s campaign empowered racists and white nationalists to reassert their agenda and I won’t stand for it.

Whether as a community police officer, the leader of ProgressNow NM, or as an Albuquerque City Councilor, I have always made fighting for equality for all Americans a cornerstone of my public service.  While the Trump administration continues to perpetrate hate and rolling back the civil rights that we have fought for over the last century, i will be your voice in Congress to bring a stop to the madness and ensure a more free and fair America for all New Mexicans.

Read more and see my video on this topic.

Climate Change & Renewable Energy
“The nightly news is like a nature walk through the Book of Revelations… It’s time to act before it’s too late.” – Vice President Al Gore

My Commitment:

  • Not to just talk about climate change, but make fighting it a top priority.
  • Extend and expand programs like the ones I used as a city councilor to help cities lead the way on our climate fight.
  • Reinvest in clean energy job credits to help students access trade jobs in clean energy (electricians, installers, machinists, engineers)
  • Fight to restore vehicle emissions standards Trump targeted for repeal
  • Partner with state legislators to update our PACE laws so homeowners can include the cost of solar in their annual home mortgage payments and transfer them to a new owner without losing out.

Climate change is the biggest challenge my generation inherited and it will be up to up to stop it. Nearly every scientist agrees (except the ones paid by the fossil fuel industry) that human activity is accelerating climate change at an almost unstoppable rate.

President Trump ceded American leadership when he announced a withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accords.  But we don’t have to follow that path.

In 2016, I led a team putting $51 million of solar on city buildings. That put local solar companies and local families to work making Albuquerque a solar city – instead of leaving to find clean energy jobs in other states.

Read more about that project here.

City Councilor Pat Davis announcing $51 million in new renewable energy credits for city projects, joined by Environment New Mexico, US Sen. Martin Heinrich, Councilor I. Benton, CNM solar job program instructors (2017)


Read More about Pat’s commitment to fighting climate change and for renewable energy policies

Healthcare for All
“It’s time to stop fighting over who should have health care and recognize health care as a basic American right.” – Pat Davis 

My Commitment:

  • Co-sponsor HB676, a single-payer “Medicare for All” bill endorsed by the Congressional Progressive Caucus
  • Work with Congressional leaders to update Obamacare to hold down the rising costs of premiums by targeting insurance company profits and exploding prescription drug costs
  • Protect access to every option, including abortion, for women’s healthcare
  • Support prescription drug reform by guaranteeing access to drugs produce with American taxpayer subsidies and opening drug markets to safe foreign suppliers

Like tens-of-thousands of New Mexicans, I have a pre-existing condition. In my 20s, I had a few seizures like many people that age.  As a police officer, I had access to great healthcare and I’ve been seizure free for 15 years.  But I’ll always have to check that box that says, “Yes, I have a pre-existing condition.”

President Trump and Republican tried to cut off healthcare or price families like mine out of healthcare just to fund another tax break for the rich.  We won’t kill these bills until we take back the House in 2018 and do it by sending members ready to fight for a better healthcare deal.

Medicare for All

My grandmother is 102 years old and she still lives at home with my parents because her Medicare ensures that she never has to worry about accessing a doctor when she needs it most.

That type of dignity and security should be a basic American right and I’m headed to Congress to expand the caucus of leaders pushing for bills like HB676, the single-payer “Medicare for All” bill.

See why I support Medicare for All ( Like it? Share it!)


Fighting for Women’s Health Access

Just when you thought we were done fighting this, here we go again.  The quickest way to guarantee access to preventive care, abortion rights and women’s screenings and treatment is by sending pro-choice Democrats to Congress in 2018 to take back the House.

As a city council candidate, I earned a 100% score from Planned Parenthood.  As a vocal supporter of full healthcare rights, I was a target of an anti-abortion group during the campaign.  They sent graphic fliers to voters calling out my pro-choice record.

Together we fought them and won and I’ll continue to support abortion rights for women.

As head of ProgressNowNM, we joined the campaign with allied organizations to defeat an extreme new anti-abortion ballot initiative in Albuquerque in 2013.  By putting women first and having honest conversations about hard issues, we all defeated that measure and ensured that women will have access to Planned Parenthood and abortion services in our community when they need them.

But that fight isn’t over.

Fair Wages, Jobs & a Better Deal
“President Trump says our country is doing great because the stock market is up and our companies are making huge profits.  But that’s not working where we live.”

“Growing up, my parents did everything right. They bought a house and saved a little each paycheck.  When my brother and I were ready for college, they borrowed against the house to pay for school then paid it back and were able to retire.”

“That deal doesn’t work for generations like mine and my brother’s.  My house today isn’t worth any more than I paid for it almost 15 years ago and the cost of living keeps going up, but middle class wages don’t.”  – Pat Davis

Building jobs with progressive values

Strengthening our local economy and ensuring a fair, livable wage for all New Mexicans will be a top priority for me in Congress.

Progressive values create jobs for Americans.  I know because I’ve been doing it.

After helping to pass Albuquerque’s first renewable energy standard (25% by 2025), I set out to make that goal a reality.

I led a team to build a plan to put $51 million of solar and clean energy projects on city buildings.  We put local companies first in line to do that work, helping to create an estimated 130 local well-paying jobs installing those systems and maintaining them for decades to come.

Today, my plan is fighting climate change and putting local families to work in clean energy jobs (instead of them leaving for other states to find good paying work to support families).

Read more about how I’m putting local families to work making Albuquerque a solar city

Equal Pay

Albuquerque’s fair pay ordinance can be a model for the country. In Congress, I’ll introduce legislation to require federal contractors to prove they pay women equally before they receive taxpayer-funded contracts.

My friend, City Councilor Diane Gibson, led the fight to implement Albuquerque’s Equal Pay Ordinance which incentivizes organizations who want to do business with the city to report what they pay women and men for the same jobs and to reduce their gender pay gaps to receive public contracts.

 A $15 minimum wage

A new study shows that an average New Mexico worker has to earn $15 an hour just to afford a small apartment and live in the Land of Enchantment without public help.

In Congress, I’ll sign onto a national plan to raise the wage to $15, like those introduced by Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.  And until those bills become reality, I’ll sign onto any bill that raises the wage until we get there.

A Better Deal

I was encouraged to see national Democrats in Congress introduce their ‘A Better Deal’ economic agenda, which focuses on creating an environment for the American economy to flourish. Our party must get back to putting the middle-class first.

I will work with leaders in Congress to ensure that any new economic agenda pursued by leadership doesn’t overlook our communities of color and the unique barriers they face in our country. A better deal platform must truly be a better deal for all New Mexicans.

New Mexico has the potential to become the premier hub for the good-paying, cutting edge jobs of the 21st century. Ensuring our state lives up to this potential means ensuring our next generation is trained to fill the jobs of the future. I am committed to strengthening the STEM pipeline from pre-K -12 and throughout New Mexico’s educational institutions and businesses and working in partnership to  ensure all parties are doing their part to give our children the resources they need to be successful.

Union Rights

My grandfather returned from World War II and found work with the United Auto Workers.  Fair wages and a retirement he could count on helped him and my grandmother send 5 children to college.

My own dad was elected as president of his local Postal Workers’ Union for more than a decade.  He fought for fair schedules and against management overreach each and every day.

Union rights ensure that workers and companies (or cities and states those workers serve) succeed together.  Unions helped workers build the middle-class and it’s no coincidence that as union rights have been eroded, the middle-class has shrunk and corporate profits have risen.

I’m proud that I received the unanimous endorsement of labor organizations in my campaign for City Council and I’ll always fight for union families.

Read more about these policies on fair wages, progressive job creation and union rights here.

Immigration & DACA
My Commitment:

  • Support a bill to make President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program permanent for DREAMers registered now and for those who still live in the shadows.
  • Expanding work visas for all categories of workers New Mexico companies need, not just those President Trump wants to prioritize who only speak English or have advanced degrees.
  • Prevent the administration from building a physical wall on the Mexican border. Technology, including sensors and surveillance, is much more effective and helps Border Patrol agents respond to real threats more effectively.
  • End the federal program placing immigration agents in local jails.  Federal agents can already access public court records to identify violent felons who meet existing deportation criteria.  Targeting traffic offenders or witnesses in family cases is bad policy.

I believe that diversity makes our country stronger.  President Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric is racist and dangerous and dividing communities, including those here at home.

Immigrant-Friendly Cities

As a City Councilor, Pat co-sponsored and helped pass a new “Immigrant and Refugee-Friendly” law prohibiting the use of City funds to help immigration enforcement and he is an outspoken critic of the USDOJ’s proposal to withhold funds from cities who stand up for their residents.

“Local police and lawmakers know best how to make their cities safe,” Pat Davis says. “No one should be afraid to call 911 as a victim or witness because they fear they’ll be torn away from their children if they ask for help or try to help others.”


DREAMers are my neighbors and my friends.  97% are in school or college and they serve our communities as paramedics, teachers and work in our churches. These are not the criminals President Trump promised his voters he’d target for deportation.

Removing them isn’t just bad policy, it’s cruel.

Hear my radio ad calling out President Trump’s cruel policy here.


Read More of my policy on Immigration & DACA

Protecting Our Public Lands
“Wilderness is an anchor to windward. Knowing it is there, we can also know that we are still a rich nation, tending our resources as we should — not a people in despair searching every last nook and cranny of our land for a board of lumber, a barrel of oil, a blade of grass, or a tank of water.” – Clinton P. Anderson, Former Senator, New Mexico

My Commitment:

  • Protect New Mexico’s national monuments from schemes to shrink them or sell them off to the highest bidder.
  • End fracking and drilling near Chaco Canyon by making the buffer zone around the historic area permanent.
  • Make funding the backlog of maintenance in our national parks and monuments a top priority so we protect the beauty and make accessing these places easy for everyone, everyday.

Our public places face new challenges as mining and drilling companies exert new influence over those who make decisions about public lands.

As the head of ProgressNowNM, I’m proud to have worked on campaigns to make oil and gas producers cut noxious emissions like methane to clean up our air and make their practices more responsible.

Read more of my policies on Public Lands

Gun Violence, Crime, Marijuana & Community Policing
“Pat knows that guns in the wrong hands wreak havoc on our community. He understands that we need to implement important background check reforms that ensure we keep our streets safe.” – Maggie Byers, New Mexico gun violence prevention advocate

My Commitment:

  • Co-Sponsor and help pass a federal law requiring background checks for every gun sale. No exceptions.
  • Restore the Obama-era rule requiring courts to alert the FBI when they adjudicate a felon, domestic violence offender or person with dangerous mental health diagnoses who should not be able to purchase a gun.
  • Protect the rights of responsible gun owners, like myself, who keep our guns away from children and respect our hunting laws.
  • Change federal policy on marijuana and cannabis to give states the freedom to create local policies that work best for them.

Returning to community policing

I was a police officer for almost a decade.  I have learned the best way to stem the tide of rising crime rates is to invest vigorously in community policing, treatment not incarceration for crimes motivated by addiction, and working to establish trust between our police force and our citizenry.

Congress can set the tone by prioritizing what we fund.

The Clinton-era community policing programs, like COPS, that hired community policing officers like me have been traded in for grants to help police departments buy military equipment instead of bicycles and train to deescalate crimes.

President Trump and Attorney General Sessions are working to stop DOJ from taking over police departments like Ferguson and Albuquerque where unconstitutional policing practices have led to abuses.  I’ll fight to keep those programs in place to ensure that every police department serves every person with equal justice under law.

Gun Violence Prevention

93 Americans are killed by guns every day.  In Congress, I’ll make preventing gun violence a top priority. New Mexico needs a representative in Congress who can stand up to the gun lobby and advocate for policies that help save lives, such as universal background checks for all gun purchases and preventing people who are deemed too dangerous to fly in an airplane from being able to legally buy a gun. I wear attacks on me by the NRA as a badge of honor and I will not back down on common-sense gun reforms that are proven to reduce gun violence and make our communities safer.

Read more about Pat’s record on gun violence prevention and why gun violence survivors and advocates have endorsed Pat’s campaign

Marijuana & Cannabis

Local police officers and federal agents have better things to do, but Federal law still classifies Cannabis as a Schedule 1 drug, meaning it has no medical or public use.  But science tells us differently and, in Congress, I’ll fight to change that and settle this debate between Federal and State Law once and for all.

New Mexico was one of the first to legalize the use of cannabis for medical use and it has helped tens-of-thousands of patients with conditions ranging from PTSD for veterans to cancer pain and seizures for children.

Thousands of New Mexicans work in this industry – one of our fastest growing and strongest – but new threats from Trump and AG Sessions to allow federal agents to target working families like these are real and we need champions in Congress to take on this issue.

Today, we see legalized and regulated cannabis as an opportunity for new stable revenue and opportunities for growth in our economy.  I support it.

In 2013, I ran the marijuana decriminalization campaigns in Albuquerque and Santa Fe, giving voters their first vote on marijuana policy ever in New Mexico.  We won overwhelmingly because moms spoke out against having their teenagers blocked from college Pell Grants or forever having to answer “yes” on a job application asking about arrests just for experimenting with marijuana.

Read more about how we reform cannabis laws and my platform to do it

Read more of my record and policies on these issues.

Foreign Policy
Donald Trump’s policies, and his Twitter account, have made the world more dangerous.  


America has long been an international leader.  Though we haven’t always gotten it right, we are trusted and welcomed allies because we use our economic and diplomatic influence to bring about global deals that benefit the American people and greater global peace and prosperity. But President Trump is forfeiting our leadership by withdrawing from international agreements and seeking unilateral agreements on climate, trade and nuclear proliferation.  None of these issues are simple, nor are their solutions.  And no reasoned foreign policy could ever be 140 characters long.

As a global leader, our principles for diplomacy and power should begin with these principles:

  • Our best opportunity to reduce conflict comes by empowering local economic systems (building up economies in foreign countries in a way that builds locally-led business and institutions, not extracting resources and wealth through American transplanted companies).
  • Diplomacy first and always.
  • Maintain a strong defense, served by and for all communities, to protect our country and be able to respond to protect those under attack for exercising their rights to self-governance, including our historic allies like Israel and South Korea.
  • No new offensive military actions without an explicit and limited Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF) from Congress.


Read More: In-depth on Israel and Iran policy



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