Protecting Our Public Lands

“Wilderness is an anchor to windward. Knowing it is there, we can also know that we are still a rich nation, tending our resources as we should — not a people in despair searching every last nook and cranny of our land for a board of lumber, a barrel of oil, a blade of grass, […]

Immigration & DACA

I believe that diversity makes our country stronger.  President Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric is racist and dangerous and dividing communities, including those here at home. My Commitment: Support a bill to make President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)

Climate Change & Renewable Energy

“Every night on the TV news is like a nature hike through the Book of Revelation, and, though the scientists have long connected the dots, the carbon polluters have mounted this lavishly funded, rear-guard action to pretend there’s still a debate.”  – Vice President Al
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