Vote for Pat Davis to receive the Climate Hawks Vote Endorsement!


Climate Hawks Vote, a national group committed to electing climate champions to Congress, is looking to get involved in our race – but they need to hear from you!
I am the ONLY candidate in this race to take Climate Hawks Vote’s No Fossil Fuel Money pledge because I believe fossil fuel interests have enough politicians in New Mexico and Washington working for them. If you agree that it’s time we send a real climate champion to Congress to fight for us, please vote for our campaign now!

My record as a climate champion sets me apart from the rest of the pack. While President Trump was working to undo the Paris Climate Accords, I was working to put millions in new solar panels on city buildings and working to create the country’s first full-electric public transit system.
I took the No Fossil Fuel Money pledge because how I get to Congress matters to me. Let Climate Hawks Vote know it matters to you too – vote for our campaign today. 
– Pat

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