Davis: No fossil fuel money in my campaign

First thing this morning, we saw the news: “Trump Administration To Propose Scrapping Major Obama-Era Climate Change Policy: The EPA is looking to repeal an anti-pollution regulation — with no commitment to replace it.” (HuffPost)
Fossil fuel interests have enough politicians in New Mexico and Washington working for them. It’s time we send a real climate champion to Congress to fight for us.
That’s why I just did something no candidate for Congress in New Mexico has ever done: I took the No Fossil Fuels pledge.

In this campaign, I won’t take donations from big oil, dirty coal, or fossil fuelindustries. Our health, our environment, and our democracy matter more than their industry profits.
You already know my record: While President Trump was working to undo the Paris Climate Accords, I was working to put millions in new solar panels on city buildings and working to create the country’s first full-electric public transit system.
But swearing off all that fossil fuel money comes at a risk. To win, we have to replace it with “greenroots” donors who want climate champions to take the lead in Congress.
I took this pledge because how I get to Congress matters to me. I hope it matters to you, too.