Fair Wages, Jobs & A Better Deal

“President Trump says our country is doing great because the stock market is up and our companies are making huge profits.  But that’s not working where we live.”

“Growing up, my parents did everything right. They bought a house and saved a little each paycheck.  When my brother and I were ready for college, they borrowed against the house to pay for school then paid it back and were able to retire.”

“That deal doesn’t work for generations like mine and my brother’s.  My house today isn’t worth any more than I paid for it almost 15 years ago and the cost of living keeps going up, but middle class wages don’t.”  – Pat Davis

Building jobs with progressive values

Strengthening our local economy and ensuring a fair, livable wage for all New Mexicans will be a top priority for me in Congress.

Progressive values create jobs for Americans.  I know because I’ve been doing it.

After helping to pass Albuquerque’s first renewable energy standard (25% by 2025), I set out to make that goal a reality.

City Councilor Pat Davis, with Sanders Moore (Environment NM, US Sen. Martin Heinrich, Councilor Ike Benton and CNM announce new city solar project, APRIL 15, 2017

I led a team to build a plan to put $51 million of solar and clean energy projects on city buildings.  We put local companies first in line to do that work, helping to create an estimated 130 local well-paying jobs installing those systems and maintaining them for decades to come.

Today, my plan is fighting climate change and putting local families to work in clean energy jobs (instead of them leaving for other states to find good paying work to support families).

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POLITICO: Albuquerque’s Solar Power Grab 

“On a typically sunny day in December, Albuquerque City Council member Pat Davis climbs a ladder to the roof of Fire Station 5. Three south-facing solar thermal panels stand nearby, capturing enough heat to power more than half the water the station’s 10-person crews use for cooking and showers. Scanning his surroundings, Davis offers a preview of the city’s future that uses the sun for more than just promotional material…”

Councilor Davis, Benton & Sen. Heinrich Announces $25M Solar Project to Increase Solar and Grow Local Jobs

Equal Pay

Albuquerque’s fair pay ordinance can be a model for the country. In Congress, I’ll introduce legislation to require federal contractors to prove they pay women equally before they receive taxpayer-funded contracts.

My friend, City Councilor Diane Gibson, led the fight to implement Albuquerque’s Equal Pay Ordinance which incentivizes organizations who want to do business with the city to report what they pay women and men for the same jobs and to reduce their gender pay gaps to receive public contracts.

A $15 minimum wage

A new study shows that an average New Mexico worker has to earn $15 an hour just to afford a small apartment and live in the Land of Enchantment without public help.

In Congress, I’ll sign onto a national plan to raise the wage to $15, like those introduced by Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.  And until those bills become reality, I’ll sign onto any bill that raises the wage until we get there.

New Mexico has the potential to become the premier hub for the good-paying, cutting edge jobs of the 21st century. Ensuring our state lives up to this potential means ensuring our next generation is trained to fill the jobs of the future. I am committed to strengthening the STEM pipeline from pre-K -12 and throughout New Mexico’s educational institutions and businesses and working in partnership to  ensure all parties are doing their part to give our children the resources they need to be successful.

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A Better Deal

I was encouraged to see national Democrats in Congress introduce their ‘A Better Deal’ economic agenda, which focuses on creating an environment for the American economy to flourish. Our party must get back to putting the middle-class first.

I will work with leaders in Congress to ensure that any new economic agenda pursued by leadership doesn’t overlook our communities of color and the unique barriers they face in our country. A better deal platform must truly be a better deal for all New Mexicans.

Union Rights

My grandfather returned from World War II and found work with the United Auto Workers.  Fair wages and a retirement he could count on helped him and my grandmother send 5 children to college.

My own dad was elected as president of his local Postal Workers’ Union for more than a decade.  He fought for fair schedules and against management overreach each and every day.

Union rights ensure that workers and companies (or cities and states those workers serve) succeed together.  Unions helped workers build the middle-class and it’s no coincidence that as union rights have been eroded, the middle-class has shrunk and corporate profits have risen.

I’m proud that I received the unanimous endorsement of labor organizations in my campaign for City Council and I’ll always fight for union families.