Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund Makes Pat’s Race a National Priority

There are just seven openly-LGBT Members of Congress and two are moving on to higher office in 2018.   But we have a chance to double the number of LGBT voices in Congress in 2018 AND elect New Mexico’s first openly-gay member in Pat Davis.

In November, the national Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund endorsed just 5 new candidates for Congress – including Pat – who are in races where they can win and add a new gay voice to leadership in Congress.

Meet Pat

Alongside other Victory Fund endorsees like US Senator Tammy Baldwin and Representatives Kyrsten Sinema and Mark Pocan, Pat’s race just became a national priority.

Pat’s campaign has real momentum.  On the heels of endorsements from State Senators Mimi Stewart and Jerry Ortiz y Pino, State Rep. Debbie Sarinñana, and local gun violence victims and survivors, community organizers, and veterans, the Victory Fund just made Pat’s race a national priority to add diverse voices to the team leading the resistance and taking back the House in 2018.


Being gay isn’t enough to earn the Victory Fund’s endorsement. Candidates have their campaigns put through a rigorous evaluation of fundraising, planning and the candidate’s commitment to being a voice for equality and opportunity.  


And they know how to pick a winner.


In 2012, Victory Fund and its supporters helped elect our country’s first LGBT US Senator, Tammy Baldwin. And in 2016 they helped elect our country’s first LGBT governor, Kate Brown, and expanded the LGBT caucus in Congress to include 6 openly-gay members.


In 2018, the Victory Fund has set its sights on helping New Mexico elect its first openly-gay member of Congress, a critical voice under an administration whose anti-LGBT, anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant values seek to divide our country.


Help Pat celebrate the first national endorsement for any candidate in this congressional race by signing this Congratulations card and sending a $20.18 donation to mark the year we help Pat make history.