Healthcare for All

“It’s time to stop fighting over who should have health care and recognize health care as a basic American right.” – Pat Davis 

My Commitment:

  • Co-sponsor HB676, a single-payer “Medicare for All” bill endorsed by the Congressional Progressive Caucus
  • Work with Congressional leaders to update Obamacare to hold down the rising costs of premiums by targeting insurance company profits and exploding prescription drug costs
  • Protect access to every option, including abortion, for women’s healthcare
  • Support prescription drug reform by guaranteeing access to drugs produce with American taxpayer subsidies and opening drug markets to safe foreign suppliers

Like tens-of-thousands of New Mexicans, I have a pre-existing condition. In my 20s, I had a few seizures like many people that age.  As a police officer, I had access to great healthcare and I’ve been seizure free for 15 years.  But I’ll always have to check that box that says, “Yes, I have a pre-existing condition.”

President Trump and Republican tried to cut off healthcare or price families like mine out of healthcare just to fund another tax break for the rich. We won’t kill these bills until we take back the House in 2018 and do it by sending members ready to fight for a better healthcare deal.

Medicare for All

My grandmother is 102 years old and she still lives at home with my parents because her Medicare ensures that she never has to worry about accessing a doctor when she needs it most.

That type of dignity and security should be a basic American right and I’m headed to Congress to expand the caucus of leaders pushing for bills like HB676, the single-payer “Medicare for All” bill.

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Fighting for Women’s Health Access

Just when you thought we were done fighting this, here we go again.  The quickest way to guarantee access to preventive care, abortion rights and women’s screenings and treatment is by sending pro-choice Democrats to Congress in 2018 to take back the House.

As a city council candidate, I earned a 100% score from Planned Parenthood.  As a vocal supporter of full healthcare rights, I was a target of an anti-abortion group during the campaign.  They sent graphic fliers to voters calling out my pro-choice record.

Together we fought them and won and I’ll continue to support abortion rights for women.

As head of ProgressNowNM, we joined the campaign with allied organizations to defeat an extreme new anti-abortion ballot initiative in Albuquerque in 2013.  By putting women first and having honest conversations about hard issues, we all defeated that measure and ensured that women will have access to Planned Parenthood and abortion services in our community when they need them.

But that fight isn’t over.