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November 13, 2017

Send a Congratulations note to Mayor-elect Tim Keller

As a City Councilor, I couldn’t be more excited to welcome Tim Keller to City Hall. Albuquerque is turning a corner thanks to hundreds of volunteers who put in thousands of hours making

October 20, 2017

NEW: These 800 people are changing New Mexico politics

Earlier this week we filed our latest quarterly fundraising report. For the second quarter in a

October 10, 2017

Davis: No fossil fuel money in my campaign

First thing this morning, we saw the news: “Trump Administration To Propose Scrapping Major

October 4, 2017

Vote the cowards out of Congress

273 mass shootings in 275 days. 91 Americans die from gun violence every day. Yesterday’s other
Democrat. Progressive.


“From ProgressNow to the City Council, I'm not just talking about a New Mexican future built on progressive values, I'm already building it.Donald Trump says America is better because corporations are making record profits and his Mar a Lago buddies are doing better than ever. I'm headed to Washington to fight for us.



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