Immigration & DACA

I believe that diversity makes our country stronger.  President Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric is racist and dangerous and dividing communities, including those here at home.

My Commitment:

  • Support a bill to make President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program permanent for DREAMers registered now and for those who still live in the shadows.
  • Expanding work visas for all categories of workers New Mexico companies need, not just those President Trump wants to prioritize who only speak English or have advanced degrees.
  • Prevent the administration from building a physical wall on the Mexican border. Technology, including sensors and surveillance, is much more effective and helps Border Patrol agents respond to real threats more effectively.
  • End the federal program placing immigration agents in local jails.  Federal agents can already access public court records to identify violent felons who meet existing deportation criteria.  Targeting traffic offenders or witnesses in family cases is bad policy.


Immigrant-Friendly Cities

As a City Councilor, Pat co-sponsored and helped pass a new “Immigrant and Refugee-Friendly” law prohibiting the use of City funds to help immigration enforcement and he is an outspoken critic of the USDOJ’s proposal to withhold funds from cities who stand up for their residents.

“Local police and lawmakers know best how to make their cities safe,” Pat Davis says. “No one should be afraid to call 911 as a victim or witness because they fear they’ll be torn away from their children if they ask for help or try to help others.”


DREAMers are my neighbors and my friends.  97% are in school or college and they serve our communities as paramedics, teachers and work in our churches. These are not the criminals President Trump promised his voters he’d target for deportation.

Removing them isn’t just bad policy, it’s cruel.