Maggie Byers

Gun Violence Prevention Leader


Each August, teachers head back to school to prepare for another school year, just like they’ve done five years in a row since a shooter at Sandy Hook Elementary killed 20 children and six adults who tried to save them.

As a police officer, I hated that time of year.

While we waited on policy makers to do something about it, we’d head back to schools to talk with teachers about how we’d run into an elementary school or university lecture hall to confront an active shooter.

I got tired of waiting for someone else to step up, so I did.

I’m also tired of hearing candidates promise to do something about gun violence and then backing down when the NRA attacks. They’ve already attacked me, and I’m still fighting to end gun violence here at home. In Congress, I’ll make this one of my top priorities with your help.

One thing I’ve learned from years of organizing: no one can take on a fight this big alone. That’s why I’m proud to have the support of local gun violence victims, survivors and violence prevention advocates who’ve been fighting this fight, too.

Watch Maggie’s video below to see why she is endorsing me. Then, join my campaign by sharing your story and signing up to become one of our #People4Pat.

“Pat knows that guns in the wrong hands wreak havoc on our community. He understands that we need to implement important background check reforms that ensure we keep our streets safe. That’s why I’m endorsing Pat Davis for congress.” — Maggie Byers

The NRA will attack me for talking about this issue. And some consultants have suggested that I not make this a center-point of my campaign because too many people have tried and failed. That’s not the message I want to send.

When pundits and analysts look at this race, I want them to see that voters here are ready for action on gun violence.

Help me carry this fight forward by chipping in $25, $50 or $100 to send a true gun sense champion to stand up for common sense gun laws in Washington.