NEW: These 800 people are changing New Mexico politics

Earlier this week we filed our latest quarterly fundraising report.
For the second quarter in a row, we were able to report more individual donations (supporters stepped up 500 times to support this people-powered campaign!), and that most of our supporters come from New Mexico, not out-of-state PACs or special interests.
Year-to-date, 85% of our 863 individual donors are from right here in New Mexico, and our average contribution remains under $100. Chip in $5 now to help us keep the momentum.
I knew getting in that choosing to build a campaign on small dollar donations and local support would take more work, but it’s the way campaigns like this should be run. Thank you for showing the naysayers and talking heads that it can work.
Now, we start all over again with a blank report for a new quarter and we have to do it all over again. I’ll do the work if you’ll help.
I’m grateful for your support of our grassroots campaign, now help us continue to build it.
PS — We’re in the place in our country where being a ‘good vote’ isn’t good enough. Voters are ready for change, and our campaign is focused on support from grassroots donors and working families across the district. You can help by hosting a house party, volunteering in a phone bank, or collecting nominating signatures to qualify me for the ballot. There’s a lot to do, so join in!