Penn Baker

Retired Navy Veteran


I am a transgender veteran who served in the United States Navy from 1963-1970. When I saw President Trump’s tweet banning transgender service members I knew it was a step backwards.

Decisions from President Trump like this remind me exactly why I support Pat Davis for Congress.

I support Pat Davis because when I met him at the Veteran’s Memorial Park he was supporting veterans, equal rights, and the Veterans Affairs.

There is a part of our pledge to the flag that says “Liberty and Justice for all” and I believe Pat Davis stands for that statement. Pat cares about me and he fights for my rights. He is the kind of leader we want in Congress. He will push back against the Trump administration and bring us forward instead of taking us backwards.

Watch my video below to learn more about why I am supporting Pat for Congress. Then click here to join #People4Pat like I did.

Pat has shown that he has what it takes to lead. Join me in supporting him in the fight for equal rights for all Americans.

Join #People4Pat today and help Pat get to Congress! Then donate to Pat’s campaign.


Penn Baker
Tijeras, NM