Protecting Our Public Lands

“Wilderness is an anchor to windward. Knowing it is there, we can also know that we are still a rich nation, tending our resources as we should — not a people in despair searching every last nook and cranny of our land for a board of lumber, a barrel of oil, a blade of grass, or a tank of water.” – Clinton P. Anderson, Former Senator, New Mexico

My Commitment:

  • Protect New Mexico’s national monuments from schemes to shrink them or sell them off to the highest bidder.
  • End fracking and drilling near Chaco Canyon by making the buffer zone around the historic area permanent.
  • Make funding the backlog of maintenance in our national parks and monuments a top priority so we protect the beauty and make accessing these places easy for everyone, everyday.

Our public places face new challenges as mining and drilling companies exert new influence over those who make decisions about public lands.

As the head of ProgressNowNM, I’m proud to have worked on campaigns to make oil and gas producers cut noxious emissions like methane to clean up our air and make their practices more responsible.

Family trip to the new Rio Grande del Norte National Monument in Taos