Senator Dede Feldman

After spending 16 years as a progressive in the New Mexico State Senate, I know what kind of leader it takes to move New Mexico forward. As the challenges facing New Mexicans continue to mount, Pat Davis is the leader I trust to help deliver real progress for New Mexico in Congress and I am proud to endorse him.

As the long-time Chairwoman of the Health and Human Services Committee, I understand the importance of finding practical solutions to our country’s healthcare crisis. Pat will stand up against Trump’s attacks on the Affordable Care Act and bring a principled approach to improving healthcare for all Americans (and that includes fighting for Medicare for All!).

And as a champion for campaign finance reform in the legislature, I know we need to send someone to Congress who will lead the charge to end Citizens United – a decision that chips away at the core of our democracy. As a crusader for our public financing system and someone who has fought to make our elections cleaner, Pat has not just talked the talk on campaign finance reform, he’s walked the walk by using public financing himself then passed new legislation to make it more accessible for candidates in the future.

With New Mexican values being threatened every day by the Trump administration, we need a proven fighter in Washington who has our back. I’m proud to stand with Pat and invite you to join me. Donate today $27, $57 or whatever you can today to help him get there.

Thank you.

Dede Feldman
Progressive Champion
Former New Mexico State Senator