UNDER ATTACK: Stealth Republican PAC targets Davis in Congressional race

A few weeks ago, Pat noticed a strange public records request on the City’s website. Someone with an address in a nondescript Virginia office complex requested page after page of records from City Councilor Pat Davis’ office.

That request came from Allan Blustein, a DC lawyer working for America Rising Super PAC, a dark money group founded after Mitt Romney’s loss to President Obama with the goal of helping Republicans take down candidates who have “a bright future in the Democratic Party” before they win.

The National Review called it “one of Washington’s most powerful Republican opposition-research firms” with “a database with records on more than 90 current or former Democratic officeholders — including Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and several sitting U.S. senators and governors.” And now, Pat.

In order to keep control of Congress in 2018, they have to win open seats like ours. That means they have to attack good Democrats with a bright future, like Pat, so their Republican pick has an easier race in the general election.

Fortunately, Republicans have played their hand, and now we know the candidate they don’t want to face next November: Pat.

Republicans are right, Pat has a bright future and we have to stand with him. Donate $100, $50 or $20 to our rapid response fund now so we can be ready when the fake news attacks come.

Mario Semiglia
Deputy Campaign Manager

P.S. Earlier this year, America Rising targeted Jon Ossoff in Georgia’s special election by helping Republican operatives create misleading attack ads to keep him from winning and it worked. Now they are set on smearing Pat — chip in $20 now to stand up for Pat!