Vote the cowards out of Congress

273 mass shootings in 275 days. 91 Americans die from gun violence every day. Yesterday’s other headline gives us a clue why: “Las Vegas shooting sends gun stocks soaring” (CBS). If it were any other product, there’s no question Congress would act, but those profits pay their bought-and-paid-for politicians to do nothing and it’s time to vote the cowards out.

I’m no stranger to this fight. Watch my Facebook Live video I shared online today for my take on the shootings, the gun lobby, big money and voting these cowards out of Congress:


Enough is enough — thoughts and prayers don’t save lives. It’s time for action. 

Just last weekend, I hosted an event with gun violence survivors and prevention advocates who are tired of politicians who lower the flag to half-staff then go back to doing anything else but solving this problem.

Here’s the list of initatives I told them I’ll co-sponsor in Congress to finally take action:

  • Universal background checks for every gun sale, not just those at gun stores who already follow the rules
  • Repeal the repeal of the federal rule requiring courts to tell the FBI when they adjudicate someone too dangerous to own a gun
  • Fund local programs to help sheriffs and police departments secure weapons in the hands of domestic violence offendersand persons subject to protection orders when courts order them to surrender their guns
  • Stop the bill making it easier to access silencers
  • Make after-market devices to convert semi-automatic weaponsto fully automatic weapons of war just as illegal as buying an automatic weapon in the first place

It’s clear the NRA and their Republican allies in Congress will never act to stop gun violence. So we must act and remove them from office — and replace them with progressives who aren’t afraid of the NRA. Will you help?

YES, I’m with you

Thank you,